President’s Message

President’s Message

As we turn a corner and this pandemic subsides, we have learned something about ourselves, that we can adapt & survive. Humanity has faced one of the hardest obstacles in our lifetime. This has impacted everybody globally and impacted our industry. It has forces us all to rethink on how we conduct business. We are now leveraging our digital resources at an alarming rate. Innovation is the key to our evolution.

Our organization and the board members continue to offer service to our members. We are here to help you network, search for employment, and share our knowledge through speakers and presentation. I remember joining my first AACE meetings since 1997. And a lot of those members are still around today and still willing to help other members. We will continue to meet whether it’s live and in person, or now through virtual meetings and webinars.

This year I want to make a challenge to all professionals, that you reach out to us and this organization. We need new members, new ideas, and help spread the professional knowledge. I challenge you to join us.

Thank you,
Cesar Ramos – President, AACE Houston Gulf Coast Section”