President’s Message

President’s Message


Whenever a group of professionals meets to advance their expertise, profession and the industry they serve, what is as clear as their commitment are the countless opportunities that come with networking and simply being an active, contributing member of such community.

Typically, each active HGCS (Houston Gulf Coast Section) member has stayed active for decades. For me, this is because being part of AACE adds something meaningful to our lives. Through AACE International, we are making a resounding difference in our profession, our community and as a result, the world in which we live and work. Therefore, the more involved we are, the greater the benefit for all.

The AACE – HGCS community presents a unique opportunity for personal development and a chance for us to become the exceptional professional we envision for ourselves. The learning opportunities provided at our technical meetings offer leading-edge information about Project Controls practice. Invariably, these insights allow us to not only better perform in industries we serve but ultimately, help us achieve higher goals and results in our everyday endeavors.

At HGCS we consistently strive to:

  • Disseminate first class knowledge and solutions through subject matter experts who help our members remain champions in fulfilling the project obligations, such as safely delivering projects on time and under budget
  • Enhance our professional development through technical meetings that stimulate our community in unique and positive ways
  • Support charitable initiatives in our community
  • Connect our members to solid opportunities and resources
  • Cultivate and engage our future Project Controls Professionals through our outreach programs

Knowledge and networking have never been more important to the future of Project Controls Professionals. Global challenges have never been more pressing, more complex or more shared. There has never been a greater need for Project Controls Professionals to seek to educate, connect, cultivate, collaborate, impact and provide support, especially during recent times we have witnessed oil prices plunge, projects held in limbo and companies challenged in a way that some describe as once-in-a-lifetime. As project professionals, it is incumbent upon us all to ensure such challenges are not faced by future generations.

AACE – HGCS is unique in its long-term commitment to uniting the wisdom of the past with the urgency of the present and the vision for tomorrow. The active engagement and contribution by like-minded Project Professionals have never mattered more. HGCS is committed to mobilizing AACE’s wealth of knowledge to fully realize the promise of a better and joyful tomorrow. We invite you to join us at HGCS to strengthen our community, expand our reach and help ensure the promises to build a better tomorrow are realized.

As your HGCS 2017/2018 President, it is a great honor to serve with my fellow professionals of exceptional character on the Board of Directors who selflessly volunteer their time and effort to effectively lead this outstanding organization.

Throughout this year and beyond, if I can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Respectfully yours,

Yemi Ibiyemi, MBA

President, Houston Gulf Coast Section